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You guys… you know how sometimes, when you’re smoking crack, you’re like “JEEEESSUUS CHRIST!~ This pipe is so hot, it’s gonna burn my goddamn lips off, but I don’t really care; ‘cause this crack is so good.”

That’s how I feel about Outback Steakhouse’s Shrimp on the Barbi.

That shit is hot, but that shit is good.

Tom Segura (Thrilled)

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How about some love for a good police officer?

Officer Gaetano Acerra

Responded to a call where a 13 year old boy didnt want to live in his home anymore. He found out that the family couldnt afford a bed or much else for the teen.

So he bought him one. A big queen sized one.

He also bought him a Tv and someone donated a Wii, so now they play whenever Officer Gaetano Acerra has a chance

He also plans to get him a dresser, mirror, and a hamper. Among other things he needs but cannot afford.

People. They’re not ALWAYS a bunch of bastards.

The corruption needs to go.
This guy can stay.

This gives me partial hope

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